The Winning Formula

IBC SOLAR, Germany and Siemens have worked together to devise an innovative photovoltaic solution that reliably and cost-effectively helps farmers in irrigation using solar power. They have commissioned a pilot system in Namibia at the beginning of June 2015.

A photovoltaic system without batteries is the ideal choice for water pumps. During the day, the pump operates with solar power and at night, the water leaves the tank using gravity. The core of the solar pump concept is to keep the existing pumps as well as the complete infrastructure and to just replace the diesel generator set by a photovoltaic system exactly tailored to the performance parameters of the pump.

And it is precisely here where the skill sets of the two partners almost ideally complement one another: IBC SOLAR can dimension the photovoltaic systems to exactly provide the required power – taking into account detailed solar radiation data of the installation site. Technical partners around the globe then install the complete systems. Siemens’ contribution is to provide the appropriate frequency converters for the overall system, including Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). MPPT ensures that the maximum available power can be drawn from the photovoltaic array, which represents a decisive advantage when dimensioning the system.

Such systems can prove to be very useful for Indian farmers as they can permanently replace a diesel generator set. This not only will facilitate environmentally friendly drop-type irrigation for the plants, but it will also save around 30 liters of diesel every day! It’s time for us to implement the winning formula: Standardization, Modularization and globally recognized pump

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